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The question of the best feeding time for dogs can only be answered with “It depends …”

A species-appropriate feed is much more important than exact feeding times. Ideally, you adapt the feed to the needs of your dog.

Freshly baked dog owners are often unsafe:

  • Which feed is the right one?
  • How should the dog be fed?
  • And when is the best feeding time?

You can find answers to all of these questions that are very far apart. Some answers are correct, some are simply wrong. That is why the topic of dog food keeps asking the same questions.

Let’s take the example of the best feeding time . It is not that easy to answer this question correctly. Rather, it depends on your dog, its needs, your family and your everyday life.

The best feeding time can lead to many answers, all of which are correct even though they are different.

7 tips for the right feeding time

That’s why I wrote at the beginning, it depends. When it comes to the best feeding time, these are the points:

  1. How often does your dog eat?
  2. Age of the dog
  3. Habits and rituals
  4. Reduce the risk of stomach rotation
  5. Allow rest time after feeding
  6. regularity
  7. Your dog should be able to eat undisturbed

One serving or several servings a day?

Basically, it doesn’t matter to dogs whether they eat once or twice a day. Often it depends on your habits as a dog owner.

Dogs from animal welfare usually get along better with several servings a day.
This applies in particular to former street dogs.

This gives them the security of getting their food regularly. So we were able to get our terrier crossbreed to aggressively defend his food against other dogs .

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How old is your dog

When the puppy is born, it is suckled by the mother for the first time. This time is very important for the development of the animal.

For the first three to four weeks , breast milk is the only food for the small dog. After that you start to feed because the milk production is slowly declining.

At the age of around six weeks, puppies got used to solid food. The mother will stop suckling her puppies.

From breast milk to dog food

At this time, the puppies must receive several small portions of food a day.

At the latest when the puppy comes to his new home, two servings a day are sufficient.

For his future family, it is now a matter of finding the ideal feed solution for the new family member. At best, the puppy is now being watched closely.

There are dogs who like to get their food twice a day. For others, however, it is sufficient if they only go to the feed bowl once a day.

Again, you can switch to one or two rations over time.

How do you lower the risk of stomach upset?

Do you have a large dog or a dog with a very deep chest? Then it is advisable to put at least two servings of food a day. Because these dogs have an increased risk of turning their stomach .

When the stomach is turned, the stomach turns once around its own axis and the blood supply is massively restricted. At the same time, the porridge is prevented from migrating further into the intestine.

The stomach swells. The dog becomes restless and tries to vomit, which does not work. These symptoms appear shortly after feeding and must always be taken seriously.

A gastric turn takes minutes and the nearest vet must be consulted. Only an emergency operation can save the animal. Unfortunately, this is also not always successful.

The optimal feeding time

So you see, often the dog decides how often he gets his food.

Just watch him. In most cases it shows quite well which solution is optimal. The same applies to the optimal feeding time.

If a puppy comes into the house, you can ask the breeder about the habits. Keep feeding times for now. So the young dog gets better used to the new home.

Maintain temporal rituals

You should proceed similarly if your dog comes out of the shelter. For now, try to keep to the times the animal is used to.

You can then slowly change your dog to other feeding times. It is entirely up to you and your dog when the right time has come.

While some dogs prefer to eat their rations in the morning, others are not hungry until noon at the earliest. Find your ideal way.

Feeding times are ideal when the timing is perfect for both you and your dog.

Rest after feeding promotes regulated digestion

Ideally, the feeding time is after a walk. Under no circumstances should you let your dog run or play after feeding. This in turn would increase the risk of stomach upset.

Your dog should be able to rest after each feeding . This is very important for regulated digestion.

This is a little different with puppies. Puppies should be left outside for a short time after feeding to ease themselves. After that, puppies should also be allowed to rest.

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Regular feeding brings security

Regularity is very important in a dog’s life. Therefore, you should adhere to a chosen feeding time if possible. This gives the animal security and is ideal for digestion.

But it won’t be a drama if the dog gets his food sooner or later. It is not always possible to feed precisely.

Eat in peace, undisturbed

In addition, the dog should be able to take its food in the quietest possible area of ​​the living area. You should definitely avoid malfunctions.

The dog’s feeding times should also learn to respect young children.

There are many little things that matter at the best feeding time. So you won’t find a general answer. At the very beginning of the article you may have thought that I wanted to cheat out with the answer “It depends”.

Now you know all the considerations about feeding times. Hopefully it will be easier for you to sort the many different opinions. And you will definitely find the ideal time for yourself and your dog.

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