Can Cats Eat Eggs?

Eggs add variety to the cat’s diet and are often eaten by many cats. Many cat owners are convinced that raw eggs in cats provide a healthy, shiny coat. But are eggs really healthy for the cat or can raw eggs even be harmful? Here you will find the most important answers to all questions about chicken eggs as feed for the cat.

Eggs for cats soon

  • Basically, there is no reason why the cat eats a small portion of egg every now and then
  • Boiled egg is safer for the cat to avoid possible salmonella poisoning
  • If you still want to feed raw eggs, such as when bartending , you should only give the cat the egg yolk

    Is raw egg healthy or harmful to the cat?

    Raw egg is not fundamentally harmful to cats. However, raw eggs pose a risk of salmonella poisoning. As with humans, an egg contaminated with Salmonella can also lead to poisoning in cats. If you want to give your cat raw eggs, you should only use fresh eggs and, if possible, buy salmonella-free eggs that are rarely available in the supermarket.

    Should cats prefer to eat raw protein or egg yolk?

    If you decide to give the cat raw eggs now and then, you should first separate the egg and only feed the egg yolk to the house tiger. The egg yolk contains numerous vitamins and proteins and is significantly healthier for the cat than the protein. Eating raw protein can even be harmful for cats: it contains a protein that inhibits the absorption of biotin in the body. Since biotin is vital for the cat, raw protein can even be harmful.

    Our recommendation: Feed the cat with boiled egg

    In order to avoid the risk of salmonella poisoning and the consumption of too much raw protein, it is safest if the cat only eats boiled egg. To do this, the egg is boiled in boiled water until at least the protein is hard. Then let the egg cool and cut it into small pieces that the cat can eat well. As an alternative to the boiled egg, you can also prepare scrambled eggs for the cat . However, butter, oil, salt or other spices should not be added, as cats are only allowed to eat unseasoned eggs. Eggs should always be a rare reward and should not be on the cat’s fixed menu. If the cat nibbles from the breakfast egg once a week, it is harmless and can ensure a shiny coat.

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