Can dogs drink mineral water?

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Dogs have to drink water every day. On this page you can find out whether mineral water and sparkling water are more suitable than tap water.

Still water or sparkling mineral water?

Which water is healthier and better depends on many factors. Whether you prefer water from the tap or from a mineral water bottle is up to your taste. This also applies to our four-legged friends.

If the tap water is contaminated or contaminated, you can provide your dog with mineral water. You should definitely use still water . Basically, carbonic acid is not harmful to dogs. In sensitive dogs, the bubbling water can cause stomach upset and bloating . Many dogs even refuse tingling refreshment.

What is mineral water?

Mineral water is groundwater from underground water resources. The Mineral and Table Water Ordinance regulates precisely that it must be of original purity.

Mineral water is bottled directly at the source. Many of these sources already provide carbonated water. However, there is also still mineral water. The exact composition of the trace elements in the water varies greatly from source to source. Some water stores contain more calcium, others more sulfur, sodium or potassium.

In some locations there are even radioactive substances such as uranium and radium. However, they are contained in such a small amount that they should not harm the body. However, it becomes clear that it does not matter which mineral water you use.

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When is mineral water better than tap water?

So what are the differences between mineral water and tap water?

  • Mineral water is subjected to a quality check directly at the source and bottled.
  • Tap water is piped over long distances until it reaches the end user. This is dangerous in some regions with older pipelines.

You are probably familiar with this from vacation, especially from the southern countries. It is not advisable to drink tap water there. Instead, drinking water is sold in large 10 liter gallons in Spain, Turkey and the USA.

In these countries, tap water can easily be used for cooking or showering. It is not toxic or contaminated. However, you should not drink large amounts of it. This can lead to increased lead levels or germs in drinking water in certain areas. For example, old pipes can contaminate the water.

Chlorine can be added to the water for water treatment. The bottled water is not immune to germs. This is what ongoing tests find again and again. Because mineral water is still checked at the filling point, while tap water is checked for germs at the point of use.

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Can dogs drink still mineral water?

Which brand of mineral water you use is entirely up to you. If possible, pay attention to regionality and prefer glass bottles. They are significantly more sustainable than PET bottles.

Special products for dogs are now commercially available. They are usually significantly more expensive and contain hardly any better water. The same goes for water for babies.

It is important that your dog is adequately supplied with water . If the four-legged friend eats dry food, there must be enough water. Water should always be fresh. This means that you should dispose of stale water. Then you should clean the water bowl well and fill it with fresh water.

Dirty water can be dangerous

Many dogs have a bad habit of drinking water from the most unusual places. So there are dogs who love to drink from watering cans or trivets. Still other dogs drink water from puddles, pools and streams. Basically, this is not harmful to the dog.

Polluted water can, however, infect dogs with giardia . These are unicellular organisms that cause severe diarrhea. If the dog is healthy, it is also harmless. However, if the immune defense is weakened, an infection can occur quickly.

Therefore, always remember to take fresh water with you when you go for a walk. Small mineral water bottles are ideal here. Or you can use special dog drinking bottles and fill them with tap water. It is only important that there is enough water.

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Without water there’s no life

Water is essential. This applies not only to us humans, but also to our dogs. Water is an important part of the body and supplies it with all important nutrients. It regulates the body temperature, supports the regulated metabolism.

At the same time, water is a solvent and essential for cells and tissues. An adequate fluid intake is vital for the dog . Which water you give your dog to drink is a minor matter. Nevertheless, dog owners should pay attention to what your darling drinks.

We have shown you here the question of whether dogs are allowed to drink mineral water.

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