Can dogs eat acorns?

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Not every dog ​​knows that acorns are inedible. Many dogs even find it particularly fun to play with the small oval fruits. But caution is required here. Because acorns can even be dangerous for dogs.

What are acorns?

At the beginning of autumn, the acorns ripen. Acorns are the fruit of the oak. This deciduous tree occurs almost everywhere in Germany. Acorns are around two to three centimeters in size and a third are covered in a fruit cup. The fruits change color from green to brown.

Almost twelve percent of the total forest area in Germany is made of oak. Their longevity has given oaks the nickname “Tree of Eternity”. The oak, oak leaves and acorns are of great importance in numerous coats of arms, ornaments on jewelry or in symbolism.

Just think of Siegfried the dragon slayer from the Nibelung saga . He became invulnerable because he bathed in dragon blood. He was vulnerable in only one place. Because Siegfried did not notice that an oak leaf stuck to his shoulder in his bathroom.

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Can you eat acorns?

After the war, acorns were a cheap way to make food. The fruits were used to make flour, bread and coffee. Because acorns contain starch, sugar and a large amount of proteins. The long-chain carbohydrates make these fruits true energy bombs. There are also oils. It all sounds very positive, but it’s not quite that simple. Acorns are intolerable to humans when raw.

Dog eats acorns

The small fruits have to be prepared extensively for human enjoyment. Exactly the same applies to our dogs. Raw acorns can even be life-threatening for our four-legged friends. Many of the animals only play with it, but some of the dogs chew on them or even eat them. That is exactly what is critical.

Because acorns contain tannin. Tannin is one of the tannins. If the dog ingests these substances, they affect intestinal activity. The dog can get severe diarrhea. In addition, violent vomiting can occur. As a result, kidney failure can occur. And so the consumption of harmless fruit could even lead to the death of the dog.

Are Acorns Toxic to Dogs?

Of course it depends on the amount, as always. However, you should still make sure that the dog does not eat acorns. In addition to the poisoning already mentioned, the fruits can also lead to intestinal obstruction. In the worst case, bitten fruit can perforate the intestinal wall.

The tannins contained in the acorns are very bitter and taste very unpleasant for us. This is not always the case for the dog. You never know in advance whether the dog will like the fruit or not.

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Beware of the autumn walk

Autumn is ideal for long walks through the forest and field. Many four-legged friends love autumn as the season. It’s not too hot outside, but it’s still not cold. It is also the time when the acorns fall from the trees.

When walking, make sure that your dog does not eat or bite acorns. The same applies to the bark and the leaves of the oak. They also contain tannins and are therefore just as dangerous.

Look out for chestnuts and pine cones during your autumn walk with your dog. While they are not toxic, like the acorns, they can cause serious constipation or intestinal obstruction. In these cases, only surgery helps.

Which animals feed on acorns?

This leads me to the question of which animals feed on acorns at all. After all, it has to make sense that an oak bears so many fruits every year.

I can still remember that we collected acorns and chestnuts as children. In large quantities. Then we drove the bags to the forestry office. Most of all I focused on chestnuts. Because there was a lot more money for that. Acorns were much easier to collect.

The foresters use the acorns as winter food for deer and wild boar. And this explains the question of which animals feed on acorns:

  • Wild boar
  • deer
  • Fallow deer
  • Pigs
  • squirrel
  • Mallards
  • jay

To name only the best known. So dogs are not among these animals.

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What to do if your dog eats acorns?

Should it happen that your dog eats acorns, please do not hesitate to see your veterinarian. You do not have to fear an acute poisoning emergency with acorns. However, it is safer to prevent so that there is no emergency.

For children, acorns are ideal for playing and handicrafts, in addition to chestnuts. Once again summer is slowly coming to an end and autumn is approaching. Not everyone likes that, but this season of the year certainly has its beautiful sides.

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