Can dogs eat asparagus?

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Asparagus is considered a very healthy vegetable for dogs. Asparagus is even used in naturopathy. Some properties of asparagus make root vegetables interesting for dogs. Reason enough that we take a closer look at whether dogs can enjoy asparagus.

Asparagus is low in calories and is diuretic

Asparagus is considered to be particularly healthy because it contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Asparagus is especially rich in potassium and vitamins from the B group.

He is also known to be very diuretic. The substance asparagine is a protein and is responsible for the strongly draining effect.

Characteristics that people like to take advantage of. Around 90 percent of the delicious sticks are made of water. This makes it a particularly low-calorie treat .

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Asparagus as an exclusive vegetable

Asparagus or asparagus is common in Europe, Asia and Africa. It is one of the exclusive types of vegetables. The asparagus season starts every year from mid-April. Then the fine vegetables are offered at weekly markets and in the supermarket.

During this time, restaurants rely on typical dishes that process both green and white asparagus. However, the season for asparagus lovers doesn’t last long. Because the season traditionally ends on June 24th.

High-quality asparagus of the upper commercial class is comparatively expensive. Because asparagus cannot be harvested mechanically. The white asparagus spears must be pricked by hand. The green asparagus is cut. The harvest of both types of asparagus is therefore very labor intensive.

Asparagus cultures also have special needs. The vegetables only begin to grow at a soil temperature of around 12 ° C. Maybe in spring you saw huge fields that were covered with black foil. This increases the soil temperature to allow the asparagus to grow earlier.

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How much asparagus for dogs?

Asparagus is also an excellent vegetable garnish for the dog . Some dogs really love asparagus. Just give it a try. However, please note that the draining effect does not stop at your dog. After each asparagus meal, you should go out with your darling in good time. With the amount of asparagus, you should be based on the size of your dog;

  • In the case of a large dog, there may be a few poles.
  • For a small dog, it should only be a few pieces.

White or green asparagus for dogs?

As already mentioned, there are white and green asparagus. You can use both variants if you want to give your dog asparagus. Both the white and the green asparagus are very digestible for the dog. The processing and feeding are slightly different:

  • You can feed green asparagus raw or cooked. You don’t have to peel green asparagus.
  • You always have to peel white asparagus and then cook.

When feeding your dog asparagus, cut the sticks into pieces. Sometimes the vegetables are very fibrous after cooking. This can cause problems for the dog to swallow.

If your dog has also eaten the asparagus peels, this is not a tragedy. However, it can happen that this is manifested by mild digestive problems.

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Asparagus for the dog

You can prepare asparagus very well during the harvest season and then freeze them. With asparagus from the glass, you can occasionally enhance the food in the food bowl . Do not use the usual sauces for asparagus. People may love Hollandaise Sauce, Béarnaise Sauce or Frankfurt Sauce. This is not a good meal for dogs.

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