Can dogs eat figs?

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Figs taste very aromatic. Dogs can also eat this type of fruit because figs are very healthy for digestion. In the meantime, the oriental fruit has found many followers and lovers in Central Europe.

Figs are eaten fresh and dried. They count among the so-called false fruits. The flesh has a yellowish to dark red color. It is crisscrossed by numerous small yellow cores. These kernels are simply eaten.

Figs are healthy for digestion

Both the fig itself and the kernels it contains are extremely nutritious and contain valuable ingredients. Figs contain a lot of iron, potassium and B group vitamins. The vitamin E it contains is considered cell protection. The calcium and vitamin K content is good for the bones.

Zinc strengthens the immune system. Most of all, figs are known and popular for their digestive regulating effects .

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Dogs love figs

The fig is a very healthy fruit for the dog. Many dogs love the little exotic. Figs are ideal for dogs who like constipation. A few pieces of fig, fresh or dried can easily help here. Dried figs are perfect as a small snack in between.

Fresh figs are delicate

If you want to feed figs to your dog, look for fresh fruit. Figs are green and change color with the degree of ripeness. A green fig is not ripe yet. It should have a nice strong brownish purple color. A ripe fig is soft, but without pressure points. If you press lightly on a fig, there must be no crack or even juice.

Figs for dogs

You don’t have to peel the fig for the dog. Because the bowl contains a lot of fiber that is healthy for the dog. Figs are extremely sensitive to pesticides. That is why they are rarely treated. However, you should wash the fruit well.

You can also steam and mash the figs lightly. You can easily cut dried figs into small pieces and offer them as treats. A very special highlight for your darling is fig, mixed with curd cheese and a little linseed oil . This specialty is even ideal as a light diet.

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Figs as an oriental fruit

Figs are fruits that are typical of the Orient. For us, this region is still shrouded in mystery. Because the spices, smells and of course the fruit from the Middle East are by no means commonplace for us. Figs are the epitome of exotic fruit. No wonder it comes from the tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Are known around 750 to 1,000 species of which only a few are used as fruit on the table. Originally figs were only native to the Orient, but now the delicious fruits are growing in all warmer regions. Fig trees grow up to three times a year. That means a big harvest. Some of the fruit is dried on site. They come on the market as dried fruit.

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Dried figs are available all year round

That is why figs are in season all year round. However, this only applies to the dried fruit. You can buy fresh figs from the Mediterranean countries in the supermarket or at weekly markets between July and November.

During the winter and summer months, fresh figs come from California, South America or Australia.

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