Can dogs eat hazelnuts?

Did you also pick hazelnuts from the bushes and crack them as a child? The small nuts are especially popular in the dessert kitchen. Our dogs also like to eat hazelnuts , sometimes even with the shell. But is it really a good idea to feed hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts for dogs?

In principle, dogs are allowed to eat hazelnuts. Many four-legged friends even appreciate hazelnuts very much. However, hazelnuts are similar to many other nuts . You should not feed your darling nuts carelessly.

Because the hazelnut can cause allergies in your dog . It even has a relatively high allergy potential. It is therefore important that you test whether your dog can tolerate hazelnuts first. Just give it a little grated or chopped hazelnut.

Then watch your animal very closely. If your dog can tolerate the nuts well, you can feed your four-legged friend more of them. To do this, slowly increase the amount.

If your dog is prone to allergies, it is better not to feed hazelnuts.

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Hazelnuts from our own garden

Nuts are an excellent and extremely healthy snack. Some of these delicious seeds even grow in our home gardens. While walnuts grow on tall, large trees, hazelnuts can be found on a shrub.

The hazelnut prefers warm locations. Hazelnut bushes can be found in alluvial forests or in deciduous forests. Here they like to stand at the edge of the forest, in light regions or on field hedges. People also like to cultivate hazelnut or hazel in their gardens.

The nut is the small, round seed of the hazelnut plant. It lies in a fruit casing with jagged edges. When the nuts ripen, this shell dries. The nuts are slowly exposed.

But hazelnuts are by no means the same as hazelnuts. There are around 100 different varieties of cultivated hazel.

How healthy is hazelnut for dogs?

The hazelnut is native to Europe and Asia Minor. The small, round cores were already extremely popular in ancient times. They served as nutritious food.

The healing power of nuts was later recognized and used. Most of the hazelnuts commercially available today come from Turkey or Italy.

Hazelnuts are real powerhouses. The reason for this is their high fat content . The fat consists mainly of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Around 12 percent of the nut consists of proteins. The nuts provide B-group vitamins and vitamin E. They also contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium , iron, phosphorus and zinc.

Overweight dogs should avoid hazelnuts

If your dog can get along well with hazelnuts, he must not eat them too often and in too large quantities. The high fat content of the nuts should not be underestimated. If your darling is overweight, you’d better avoid the little nuts entirely.

If your dog suffers from a lack of appetite, the hazelnut can serve well due to its high fat content. Likewise during convalescence. Here the hazelnut can provide your four-legged friend with strength and energy. The vitamin content also has a positive effect on him.

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Recognize ripe hazelnuts by their brown color

If you want to pick hazelnuts from your own garden for your dog, you should make sure that they are really ripe. To do this, shake the trunk. Ripe fruits then fall from the bush. Then you have to crack the hard shell to get the nutritious kernels

When buying nuts, look for quality. Use organic products whenever possible.

In themselves, hazelnuts are a healthy snack for dogs. However, this does not automatically mean that every food containing nuts is healthy for your four-legged friend.

Never feed confectionery with hazelnuts. This also includes nut nougat creams such as the popular Nutella, which consists of 13% hazelnuts. Nut snails, nut strudel or nut croissants are by no means a good idea for dogs. They must therefore remain taboo for him.

What nuts can dogs eat?

Nature offers a rich variety of nuts. Most nuts are well tolerated by dogs. You should be careful with some types of nuts, such as walnuts . And other nuts like macadamia are extremely toxic.

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