Can dogs eat oatmeal?

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Do you eat oatmeal for breakfast? The flakes are a popular ingredient in muesli. Also in dog nutrition, oatmeal is often mixed with fruits and vegetables.

However, in the age of BARF and grain-free feeding, many dog ​​owners are wondering whether dogs should eat oatmeal at all.

Oatmeal has low allergy potential

Because species-appropriate dog nutrition relies on grain-free feeding . However, oats naturally contain very little gluten. This type of grain therefore has a significantly lower allergy potential than wheat. And thanks to its very healthy ingredients, even sensitive dogs can occasionally eat oatmeal.

Oatmeal as a health food for dogs

The healthy flakes are particularly suitable for gastrointestinal complaints. The contained mucus and fiber line the mucous membranes and ensure healthy digestion. Oatmeal is also suitable as an addition to light food.

To make the dog easily digestible, oatmeal must be cooked. You may know this oatmeal from your childhood.

To this day, the good old oatmeal is popular when you are troubled by gastrointestinal problems or convalescent.

Prepare oatmeal for dogs

You can buy oatmeal in a wide variety of ways. Fine, large and easily melting flakes. It doesn’t really matter which oatmeal you choose.

Boil the oatmeal in plenty of water for at least five to ten minutes until a porridge is formed. Let the porridge cool. You can then mix the porridge with the dog food.

Recipe for a dog health food menu:

  • oatmeal
  • Turkey breast
  • Potatoes
  • Cottage cheese or cottage cheese
  • linseed oil

Boil the oatmeal into a porridge. Cut the turkey breast into small pieces. Grill the meat without taking too much color. Braise the potatoes . Then mash the potatoes with a fork.

Mix all the ingredients with curd cheese or cottage cheese. You can refine the light food menu with a little linseed oil . Let the food cool and then feed it as normal.

Oatmeal for dogs with diarrhea

You can add to this basic food recipe as you wish. Alternate the taste with carrots or apple, for example. You can also combine the individual ingredients in another variant so that your darling gets a little variety.

Do not feed oatmeal with milk

From your muesli, you probably know oatmeal with milk or yoghurt. You should avoid this in your dog . Because dairy products are rather unsuitable for adult dogs.

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How are oatmeal made?

Oatmeal is made from raw oats . For this, the grain is cleaned. The grains are then treated with steam and dry heat. This process ensures the typical nutty taste. This is followed by peeling and reading out the oat seeds. Between two rollers, these cores are pressed flat into oatmeal. All oatmeal consists of the whole grain and therefore contains important nutrients.

What do oatmeal contain?

Oats contain around 70 percent carbohydrates . The protein content is around 15 percent. A high content of unsaturated fatty acids is of great importance for nutrition. In addition, oatmeal contains soluble fiber, mucilage, vitamins from the B group and vitamin E, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium .

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Use only pure oatmeal

When purchasing oatmeal, make sure that it is pure oatmeal. Flake mixes are often offered, especially in pet shops. You can get good quality from health food stores or drugstores. Don’t keep oatmeal too long. If stored incorrectly, the fatty acids can decompose. Then the flakes smell rancid and bad.

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