Can dogs eat onions?

Onions are the type of vegetable most used in the kitchen. Households can no longer be imagined without onions as a home remedy for cough and bee stings .

However, the wide spread of the onion has a major disadvantage as a dog owner. Because onions are toxic to dogs . Dogs should never eat onions.

Why this is the case and how many onions are dangerous for your dog can be found on this page as an explanation.

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Onions are said to even prevent cancer

Onions are toxic to dogs because they contain so-called sulfides. These salts of the metal-sulfur compounds are not generally dangerous. For example, they occur as organic sulfides in coffee .

According to various studies, sulfides even have anti-carcinogenic properties, which means that they can prevent cancer. Consuming more than half an onion a day significantly reduces the risk of getting cancer for us humans.

But be careful. The positive quality applies to us humans, but not to your dog.

Why are onions toxic to dogs?

Sulphides are found in onions and also in garlic. These sulfides destroy the red blood cells in your dog’s body. This can result in anemia in your four-legged friend.

Then the body can no longer supply the organs of your darling with sufficient oxygen. This leads to organ failure and ultimately your dog’s death.

So onions are toxic to your dog!
No matter whether raw, dried or as a powder.

Make absolutely sure that your fur nose cannot reach onions. Already more than 0.5% of your dog’s total weight can be enough to cause symptoms of intoxication.

For a 10 kg dog, this corresponds to an amount of 50 grams of onions. If your dog weighs only 2 kg, the dangerous amount of onions is only 10 grams.

Freshly picked onions are particularly dangerous. Because they have the highest content of essential oils.

No onions for dogs against parasites

If the four-legged friend suffers from parasites, there are still dog owners who swear by preparations with onions or garlic . Supposedly, rubbing with onion fleas is said to completely prevent infecting your dog.

However, fleas are not at all impressed by it. Due to the toxic effect of the onion on the dog’s organism, this method is strongly discouraged.

Medicines with onions should help your fur nose against worms . Some people claim that onions naturally rid your dog’s body of these pests.

However, there is no scientific evidence for this . But probably for the toxic effects of the onion in animals. So also avoid the onion as a supposed remedy for this problem.

Talk to your veterinarian about control and relief measures. By the way, garlic does not protect against parasites either. Many people wrongly assume that it helps against ticks, for example.

Dog ate onions: what to do?

If your dog has eaten onions despite all caution, be sure to consult your veterinarian . Even small amounts can do a lot of damage.

Therefore, you should rather call too much in practice than once too little. Especially if your fur nose is one of the smaller dog breeds.

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Onion as a common vegetable

The onion has been grown for millennia. Onions are one of the most eaten vegetables worldwide.

It is not surprising. Because the onion goes perfectly with almost every dish. No matter if salad, sauce or meat dish, it is an integral part of our food.

The onion enriches the menu of people all over the world in every season. Onions help our digestion, strengthen the immune system and have few calories.

Already in ancient Egypt people knew about the many positive properties of the onion. There they even believed that the sharp aroma of the onion could raise the dead again.

Even if we cry a lot while cutting them. Every German eats around 8.3 kilograms of root vegetables a year, an Austrian an average of 9.4 kilograms.

And what is so good and healthy for us cannot be bad for our dogs. Read further above that it is.

What Happens When Dogs Eat Onions?

Whether onions can actually be dangerous for your darling depends on various factors. Is your dog already suffering from health problems or has you reached an older age? Then more caution is required. Do not hesitate and go straight to the veterinary practice.

The faster they act, the greater the likelihood that after eating an onion, your dog will have some stomach grumbling and diarrhea.

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