Can dogs eat peppers?

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Paprika is considered a particularly healthy type of vegetable. You get sweet peppers in a wide variety of colors, sizes and flavors. But what about our dogs? You’ve probably heard that dogs are not allowed to eat peppers.

Are bell peppers toxic to dogs?

There is a reason for this rule, because paprika belongs to the nightshade family. These contain the toxic solanine. Incidentally, this also applies to tomatoes and potatoes . This neurotoxin can cause muscle tension and cramps. There is severe damage to the intestinal mucosa and bloody diarrhea.

However, your dog would have to eat large amounts of unripe peppers. Nevertheless, paprika is only suitable for dogs to a limited extent.

Red peppers taste sweet

The colors of sweet peppers differ depending on the degree of ripeness. All types of pepper are immature green. Then they turn yellow and finally red. The taste changes with the color. The ripe, the sweeter the fruit becomes because the sugar content increases. The ingredients hardly change during maturity. The vitamin C content is particularly high in red fruits.

Overall, the content of vitamins C, A and B is very good. This earned peppers a reputation as a healthy vegetable.

In addition, peppers contain large amounts of calcium, magnesium , zinc and potassium. An essential oil is responsible for the typical taste of paprika. In addition, peppers contain flavonoids, which have an anti-oxidative effect. Carotenes give the vegetables their typical color.

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What peppers can dogs eat?

Only the classic sweet peppers are edible for the dog. It is best to feed very little red or yellow peppers. Watch out for fresh fruits. At best, go for untreated organic varieties.

Remove the stem and white parts of the bell pepper. Cut the peppers into small pieces. Because the shell can cause swallowing in dogs. It is best to steam or cook paprika. This will make the solanine harmless.

Why can’t dogs eat peppers?

By the way, the hot peppers and chilies also belong to the bell pepper family. Even sweet peppers always have a certain residual heat. Depending on the variety, you will hardly taste this hotness. A substance called capsaicin is responsible for the pungent taste. This capsaicin triggers a pain and heat irritation.

Therefore, hot peppers and chillies must be absolutely taboo for your dog. The capsaicin contained can cause serious damage to the dog. Bleeding in the stomach and intestines and even severe shortness of breath may occur. Your dog will probably avoid spicy things anyway. But you can never be sure. Therefore caution is imperative. It is obvious that not every variety is edible for the dog.

Paprika comes from America

Peppers originally come from Central and South America. Here the plant was started to be cultivated. Like many other foods, Christopher Columbus brought paprika plants to Europe. At that time they were given the name “Spanish pepper”, which is still sometimes used today.

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Paprika doesn’t have to be for dogs

Paprika is very popular as a vegetable and can be used in many ways. However, you should only feed peppers in exceptional cases. After all, there are vegetables that are much better tolerated and healthier for the dog.

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