Can dogs eat sugar?

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Sugar is contained even in dog food. Then it can’t really be harmful, can it? Can dogs eat sugar or not? Take a closer look at different types of food and treats. Then you will quickly notice that sugar is also very present in dog nutrition. This is actually completely unnecessary.

As children we learn that sugar is unhealthy. Nevertheless, it is found in almost every food. It has become really difficult to live without sugar. With regard to our four-legged friends, we hear again and again that sugar is dangerous and has absolutely no place in dog nutrition.

Why is sugar in dog food?

In dog food, sugar has the task of upgrading the food and improving the taste. Because many dogs eat food with sugar rather than food without sweet addition.

However, as a dog owner, it is often difficult to determine whether there is sugar in the feed. Because sugar is often hidden in the list of ingredients .Then read fructose, glucose or molasses. The terms “bakery products” or “dairy products” also indicate a sugar content.

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Different types of sugar

Sugar is a food that is used to sweeten food and beverages. It can be made from sugar cane or sugar beet.In the meantime, you are even buying coconut blossom sugar or palm sugar.

You can roughly distinguish sugar into raw sugar and refined types of sugar.

  • You can recognize raw sugar by its yellowish-brown color. It still contains molasses.
  • White sugar, on the other hand, consists of pure sucrose . It is refined and free of any nutrients.

Sugar is used to improve the taste of food. It is used as preserving sugar.

How harmful is sugar to dogs?

However, sugar is generally not dangerous for dogs. Rather, it depends on the amount of sugar and how long your dog consumes sugar. A little sugar, a few times a week will not harm a dog.

However, if the sugar is contained in the feed and the animal receives this feed daily, this can lead to considerable consequential damage.Because dogs only need a small amount of carbohydrates . The dog’s body can produce enough carbohydrates to meet daily needs.

Carbohydrates are important, however, in the form of fiber, which are essential for digestion.

Sugar is unnecessary for dogs

This is why sugar is a completely unnecessary carbohydrate for the dog. Sugar only supplies useless energy.If the dog consumes too many carbohydrates, they are stored as fat in the body. If this happens regularly over a longer period of time, this leads to overweight.

Obesity puts a strain on the dog’s organism. The internal organs have to do much more. There are consequential damages such as difficult breathing, cardiovascular problems and diabetes .In addition, the higher weight puts a strain on the joints. Damage cannot be excluded here.

Consequences of being overweight

Other episodes of obesity quickly rock up into a vicious cycle. The dog becomes sluggish, is easily exhausted and quickly tired. He will move less.This leads to even more overweight. There is a true weight spiral that damages the health of the animal more and more.

Once this happens, it is difficult to escape this cycle . That’s why it’s easier if you don’t get this far.

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Sugar damages dog teeth

As with us humans, sugar has a very negative impact on dental health . If the dog consumes sugar, it is converted into acids in the mouth by bacteria. These acids attack the teeth. The feared tooth decay occurs.There are holes in the teeth and inflammation spreads in the mouth.

The dog is in pain and the teeth need to be restored. This is uncomfortable for the dog and expensive for the owner.

Watch out for dog food without sugar

At first glance, sugar is acceptable as long as you keep the amount very low. Sugar is dangerous when given regularly and in large quantities. As a dog owner, you should therefore carefully examine your dog’s food first. Only use dog food that does not contain sugar.

Mostly dog food with sugar is an inferior food that is supposed to be improved by adding sugar. Sugar is also a comparatively cheap raw material for the food industry. Use high-quality feed without added sugar . How to save empty calories. You should also make sure that there is no grain in it.

Because the organism also converts grain to sugar. After that, it has a similar effect to pure sugar. The same applies to all delicacies that the dog regularly eats.

Candy is taboo for dogs

Avoid feeding your dog off the table. Never give your dog cakes, cookies, or other sweets . Chocolate is absolutely taboo for dogs . Because it is pure poison for the dog.

Rather, you should feed vegetables . Although fruit is very healthy for dogs , it contains more sugar than vegetables.

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Sweeteners can be fatal

You should be particularly careful with calorie-free products. Because sugar substitutes like stevia or xylitol are much more dangerous for dogs than sugar. Just because it doesn’t contain sugar doesn’t mean it’s healthy. On the contrary: birch sugar or xylitol is often used to sweeten foods without calories.

Xylitol is life-threatening for dogs. Because this substance simulates a high sugar intake for the organism. The body produces the appropriate amount of insulin. This causes life-threatening hypoglycaemia in the dog and, in the worst case, leads to death.

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