Can dogs eat sunflower seeds?

The sunflower is the typical flower for summer. From July around, it colors nature in a beautiful yellow. Then thousands of the composites bloom in the fields. But the sunflower is not only visually appealing. Its seeds, the sunflower seeds, are of great importance. They are considered to be extremely healthy and should not be missing in bread or muesli.

Sunflower seeds are ideal as a healthy snack for in between. Nuts and kernels can be important nutritionally for your dog. Is this the case with sunflower seeds? We had a look at it.

Sunflower seeds for dogs

The small kernels are an asset for your furry friend. Basically, dogs are allowed to eat sunflower seeds. If you want to feed your darling sunflower seeds, then only peel them. You can mix the chopped kernels with the food. Alternatively, give them to your dog directly.

However, only feed your four-legged friend small amounts of sunflower seeds . Because the kernels are very fatty. Therefore, you should only give your dog sunflower seeds occasionally.

What do sunflower seeds contain?

Sunflower seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids . The omega-6 fatty acid is particularly important. The kernels contain vitamins E, H, vitamins of the B group and provitamin A.

Calcium and magnesium are the predominant minerals. The sunflower seeds also contain the trace element iodine. Sunflower seeds are therefore a real addition to your diet. Just like the oil made from them .

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Where do sunflowers come from?

The sunflower originally comes from the North American continent. Here was their distribution area from Canada via the USA to Mexico. She grew up around the Mississippi and Mexico City.

The Incas saw the sunflower as the image of God. The golden yellow flower was cultivated there around 4,500 years ago. Spanish sailors brought the daisy family to Europe as an ornamental plant in the 16th century.

And sunflower seeds have been used in baked goods since the 17th century. Today they are a healthy component of muesli and nut mixes.

Importance of sunflower seeds worldwide

Today the sunflower is an important oil plant. It occupies the third largest cultivation area in the world.

Roasted sunflower seeds are extremely popular in Spain, Turkey, Russia and the Balkans. As a snack, bite the shell of the kernels with your teeth. Then spit out the pods. This procedure takes some practice.

Beware of birdseed

Do you feed birds in your garden in winter? Then you should keep the birdseed out of the reach of your dog. Some dogs love to raid supplies.

However, this can end in disaster for your darling. Because in large quantities, birdseed can lead to intestinal obstruction in your dog . You should definitely take precautions here.

If your dog still gets to your supplies, you can provide first aid with sauerkraut . The sauerkraut helps guide foreign objects out of your dog’s body. It gently cleanses his intestines. In an emergency, however, have your animal examined by your vet to be on the safe side.

Are Sunflower Seeds Good For Dogs?

Pay attention to regionality when buying sunflower seeds. Producers cultivate sunflowers almost everywhere in Central Europe. Therefore, you can easily buy regional goods.

Quality is just as important. If possible, you should use organic products for your four-legged friend. Here the women farmers do not treat the sunflowers with pesticides.

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What nuts can dogs eat?

Nature offers a rich variety of nuts and kernels. Most nuts are well tolerated by dogs, like sunflower seeds. You should be careful with some types of nuts, such as walnuts . And other nuts like macadamia are extremely toxic.

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