Can dogs eat Wiener sausages?

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Our family dog is always looking forward to visiting my parents. There she receives a welcome sausage every time. Even so, you can make every bitch your girlfriend. A Wienerle cannot harm the dog. We have repeatedly discussed whether dogs are allowed to eat Wiener sausages.

After all, dogs are carnivores . This should be well known by now. But meat is not just meat. And that’s why not every meat is suitable for your dog’s diet.

What are Wiener sausages?

Wienerle, Wienerli or Wiener sausages are thin cooked sausages in the natural casing. They consist of a mixture of beef and pork. That distinguishes them from frankfurters or frankfurters. Wiener sausages are often equated with this. However, Frankfurters consist only of pork.

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Wienerle or frankfurter sausages?

Basically, the Frankfurter sausages are the predecessors of Wienerle. The new variant was created in a butcher’s shop in Vienna. There worked a butcher named Johann Georg Lahner , who learned the butcher trade in Frankfurt am Main. He also mixed beef with the frankfurters. He created a new specialty.

What are Viennese sausages made of?

However, beef and pork do not make a good sausage. Pepper, salt, garlic, onion and nutmeg are added to the meat mixture. This mixture is crushed very finely and mixed with bacon and egg whites. This mixture is known as sausage meat.

The meat is then filled into the natural casing and the sausages are turned off. The finished pairs of sausages are first brewed at around 60 ° C and then smoked.

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No danger from raw pork

The preparation and the ingredients already tell: Wienerle are not food for dogs.

Pork is usually high in fat and therefore not the best choice for the dog. After the sausage is scalded, however, there is no risk that your dog will become infected with the Aujeszky virus .

Spices in Wienerle are unhealthy

Generally spices are not optimal for dogs. They can cause stomach and intestinal problems. In addition, the salt content in the sausage ensures that the dog gets strong thirst .

Onions and garlic are even dangerous for the dog. With long-term administration, these two vegetables can lead to anemia in the dog.

Nitrite curing salt in Viennese sausages

In addition to these classic ingredients, most sausages contain curing salt. This is table salt that is mixed with sodium nitrite. On the packaging you can see this ingredient as preservative E250 . Nitrite curing salt ensures a nice pink color of the sausages. In addition, the curing salt makes the meat last longer because bacteria are killed.

However, so-called nitrosamines develop from sodium nitrite. This substance is carcinogenic, damages the DNA and attacks cells. You are probably familiar with the advice not to grill or roast cured meats such as sausages, because they produce a lot more nitrosamines.

Since the early 1980s, the sodium nitrite content of curing salt has been limited to a maximum of 0.5% . Significantly higher concentrations are even used as poison baits in Australia and the USA.

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Better not have Wiener for your dog

This makes it clear that too many Viennese sausages cannot be healthy for humans or dogs. The best thing to do is not to feed your dog with Wienerle. Nor has the roast pork from the Sunday table lost anything in the dog bowl . The same applies to the salami from breakfast or the liver cheese from the bread roll in between.


However, you don’t have to be afraid if your dog gets a piece of Wienerle. In small quantities, this snack will not hurt. However, avoid larger quantities on a regular basis. So we either have to go to my parents with dog less often. Or we can get our dog used to healthier alternatives to Viennese sausages.

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