What vegetables can dogs eat?

What vegetables can dogs eat

Vegetables provide the dog with high-quality carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Here is a list of 33 healthy vegetables, from artichoke to zucchini. The fiber contained in it ensures regulated digestion and secondary plant substances are considered protective factors against numerous diseases. Different types of vegetables are available, which can be added to the feed depending … Read more

Can dogs eat nuts?

Can dogs eat coconut?

Nuts are healthy because they contain a lot of vitamins and important fats. However, the question of whether dogs are allowed to eat nuts cannot be answered broadly. Some types of nut are allowed for dogs, other nuts are very harmful to the dog. Please always note that the recommendations refer to unsalted, shelled and untreated … Read more

Why does my dog lick me so much?

Why does my dog lick me so much?

Wondering why your dog always licks your hand and face? Here we explain how dogs communicate about licking and what you can do if your dog wants to lick your face. Maybe friends have asked you what it means when the dog licks his hand? Many non-dog owners are concerned about hygiene in particular. Hand … Read more

Can dogs eat strawberries?

Can dogs eat strawberries

Does your dog like fruity strawberries? Are you wondering whether strawberries are healthy for dogs? Basically, all strawberry varieties are edible for dogs . If you want to feed your dog strawberries, you should make sure that the fruits are freshly picked and are in perfect condition. Are strawberries harmful to dogs? If you have a garden, you … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

Of course, dogs are allowed to eat watermelon. I suspected that for a long time, until a friend told me that after a few pieces of watermelon, her dog suffers from diarrhea. Therefore, we are investigating the question of whether our four-legged friends can actually eat melons. Melons are refreshing and low in calories. That’s why we … Read more

Can dogs eat bananas?

Can dogs eat bananas

On the one hand, bananas are an exotic fruit that is particularly popular with children. No wonder that our dogs want to get their share of it too. And besides , bananas are very healthy and nutritious . Some four-legged friends particularly love the crooked yellow fruit. But can dogs eat bananas at all? Bananas for dogs? Basically, dogs are allowed to … Read more

Can dogs eat tomatoes?

Can dogs eat tomatoes

In our latitudes, tomatoes have become an integral part of the menu. Many dogs love the red vegetables too. But what about your health? Can dogs eat tomatoes at all? This question can easily be answered with a yes-but. Tomatoes for dogs? Dogs should not eat too many tomatoes because they contain the poisonous solanine . Green tomatoes and green patches … Read more