German Cat Names

Popular German Cat Names 2020 : Pet Kindly


According to another article, one German list of popular cat names in that country gave these rankings: Felix Minka Moritz Charly Tiger (tee-gher) Eve Susi Lisa Blacky Muschi Read: 400 Best Korean Cat Names Traditional Male German Cat Names Bruno – brown one Max – greatest Otto – wealth Rolf – famous wolf Claus – victory of the people Dirk – […]

Italian Cat Names

Italian Cat Names : 300+ Beautiful Names for Your Cat


Italian Male Cat Names Let’s get started with this list of cool Italian cat names for male cats! Barone (baron) Bimbo (baby) Birillo (skittle) Blu (blue) Briciola (crumb) Byron Campanellino (little bell) Cappuccino (cappuccino) Cesarino (little Caesar) Aceto (Vinegar) Amadeus (famous musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) Aristotele (a famous philosopher) Arturo Attila Bacco (Bacchus) Baffo (whisker) […]

Japanese Cat Names

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Popular Cat Names in Japan  Find the perfect name for your cat with this huge list of common and cute Japanese cat names (with their meanings) Hana – “Flower.” Koko – “Short.” Shiro – “White.” Momo – “Peach.” Kuro – “Black.” Fuku – “Lucky.” Mei – “Beautiful.” Kai – “Ocean or shell.” Chibi – “Tiny. Sora – “Sky.” Japanese Male Cat Names The Japanese language has no […]

Korean Cat Names

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Are you looking for that perfect Korean Cat Names that just fits your kitty? Clearly, cats have a special place in Korean cultural history. And a great way to honor this heritage is by giving your kitty their own special Korean name. Here Is The Complete List:  Mee – for a cat that has outstanding beauty Sung – meaning successor Yu-Na – for enduring […]