Why Do Dogs Lick People's Hands

Why Do Dogs Lick People’s Hands | Pet Kindly

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Wondering why your dog always licks you on the hand and face? Here we explain how dogs communicate about licking and what you can do if your dog wants to lick your face. Maybe friends have asked you what it means when the dog licks his hand? Many non-dog owners are concerned primarily with hygiene. Hand […]

greek dog names

250 Best Greek Dog Names of 2020 – Pet Kindly


A Greek Shepherd might not be suitable for first-time dog owners. If you‘re looking for inspiration for your new pet’s name, why not go way back to ancient Greece? Choose the best greek dog names from our list: Adrian Achilles Adonis Alesandro Basil Belen Cicero Cole Caesar Calix Constantine Corban Cy Damon Deacon Demetrius Dennis Darius Dru Eugene Evan Ezio Egan Estevan […]

Alaskan Dog Names

The 100 Best Alaskan Dog Names – Pet Kindly


Amazing list of the best Alaskan dog names for ice-loving puppies!  Alaskan Dog Names – Native Animals. Continuing on, let’s now take a look at other animals indigenous to the state. Cute and creative, these ideas. Alaskan dog names, let’s take a look at geographically inspired ideas. Alaska – Of course, you can go with the obvious choice […]