Funny Bird Names – 300 Awesome Ideas By Pet Kindly

Funny Bird Names

Did you just get a bird or are you thinking about getting one? Here’s a list of funny bird names for all types of birds. Enjoy our complete list:  Funny Pet Bird Names Buttons Gustavo Rainbow Dewey Chappy Gullfriend Birdy Capone Tik-Tok Birdbrain Lord of the Wings Chickpea Shadow Donut Bobo Chirpy Boulder Firequacker Kiwi Girl Nest-Door Boogie … Read more

250 Best Fish Names of 2020 | Pet Kindly

Fish Names

 Find the perfect name for your Fish with this huge list of common and cute fish names . The most popular boy and girl fish names.  Top 10 Male Fish Names Jack Captain Finley Nemo (for a clownfish, of course) Bubbles Bubba Squirt Shadow Blue Moby Top 10 Female Fish Names Ariel Angel (ideal for … Read more

300 Japanese Cat Names | Pet Kindly

Japanese Cat Names

Popular Cat Names in Japan  Find the perfect name for your cat with this huge list of common and cute Japanese cat names (with their meanings) Hana – “Flower.” Koko – “Short.” Shiro – “White.” Momo – “Peach.” Kuro – “Black.” Fuku – “Lucky.” Mei – “Beautiful.” Kai – “Ocean or shell.” Chibi – “Tiny. Sora – “Sky.” Japanese Male Cat Names The Japanese language has no … Read more

150 Funny Horse Names – Pet Kindly

Funny Horse Names

I hope this list of funny horse names was able to help you get some ideas going for your own horse or pony.  An App for That (for an Appy) And I’m Worth It Al Capony Alimony Pony All Daddy’s Money Ask Him (What’s Your Horse’s Name?) Bill Shut Biscuits with Ham Bitney Spurs Bling … Read more

250 Best Greek Dog Names of 2020 – Pet Kindly

greek dog names

A Greek Shepherd might not be suitable for first-time dog owners. If you‘re looking for inspiration for your new pet’s name, why not go way back to ancient Greece? Choose the best greek dog names from our list: Adrian Achilles Adonis Alesandro Basil Belen Cicero Cole Caesar Calix Constantine Corban Cy Damon Deacon Demetrius Dennis Darius Dru Eugene Evan Ezio Egan Estevan … Read more

The 100 Best Alaskan Dog Names – Pet Kindly

Alaskan Dog Names

Amazing list of the best Alaskan dog names for ice-loving puppies!  Alaskan Dog Names – Native Animals. Continuing on, let’s now take a look at other animals indigenous to the state. Cute and creative, these ideas. Alaskan dog names, let’s take a look at geographically inspired ideas. Alaska – Of course, you can go with the obvious choice … Read more

400 Best Korean Cat Names – Pet Kindly

Korean Cat Names

Are you looking for that perfect Korean Cat Names that just fits your kitty? Clearly, cats have a special place in Korean cultural history. And a great way to honor this heritage is by giving your kitty their own special Korean name. Here Is The Complete List:  Mee – for a cat that has outstanding beauty Sung – meaning successor Yu-Na – for enduring … Read more